A workshop by Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan

Talking to humans

What if you knew exactly how to turn people's stories into original ideas?

Talking to Humans

We've been told that the best investment of time is to go out and talk to our customers. Talk to the people that use our products. Talk to the people that will benefit from our ideas. We've done that through surveys, focus groups, and traditional interviews.

Unfortunately, those methods lead to spotty insights at best. We're putting people in unnatural situations, asking the wrong questions, and, at times, talking to the wrong people to begin with!

In The Talking to Humans Workshop, we will practice a more natural approach. You'll learn how to identify the people you should be talking to, how to talk to them, and exactly what to say.

Is it for me?

This workshop is for entrepreneurs and makers that want to explore and understand their customers better.

What will I learn?

How to understand why people do what they do (their motivations)

What questions lead to powerful insights

How to turn insights into product features

How to position and communicate your idea based on a better understanding of problems and contexts

How to identify who to talk to (your target market)

When and where?

The workshop will be held at Sirdab Lab on March 30 from 9am - 3pm.

How much?

The workshop costs 70KD (63KD for Sirdab Lab members)

Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan

Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan
Innovation Strategist

Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan helps teams and brands develop their innovation strategies and build products that deliver impact. He has a proven track record of bringing creative concepts to life through launching his own startups, consulting with clients and leading corporate teams.
Abdulmohsen is a Certified Continuous Innovation Trainer and an Innovation Associate from The Global Innovation Management Institute. He has completed coursework from some of the most prestigious institutions including The Wharton School at UPenn and The Darden School of Business at The University of Virginia.

"The best at making you think in non-traditional ways."

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